Featured Bracelets

Black bracelet made from magnetite magnetic beads. Shapes consist of w spacers and small round beads.


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4 thoughts on “Featured Bracelets

  1. I would like to purchase a watch (women’s) with the magnetic band. A friend got one from you and likes it. Can you give me information on the watches you have available? Thank you.

  2. Hello Joan,

    Yes I would be more then happy to find the right watch for you. Because these are all custom I will send you an e-mail on this. Thank you for your interest in magnetic jewelry.

  3. I bought a necklace at the Soldier Hollow Dog show and found it a bit tight when I wrap it around my ankle twice. I Wonder if I could by 3 more pairs of links for it (1 1/2″). I will send you a picture of what the links look like if you contact me with an email address.

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